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New EU TAX regulations 
On July 1st 2021, the European Union (EU) will introduce sweeping reforms to the VAT obligations for B2C ecommerce sellers and marketplaces.

These will include: 
  • The One-Stop Shop (OSS) single EU VAT return 
  • Withdrawal of the € 22 import VAT exemption with the introduction of the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS
  • Supplier obligations 
Centra has made preparations (below) that we hope will facilitate a smooth transition to the new rules. However, we are not a Tax and VAT authority so we highly recommend you consult a tax expert to ensure your business is ready.  

  • Prepared new configuration options for SIE4 files that will enable clients to report VAT per country via the SIE4 integration from July 1st, 2021. 
  • Preparing additional Tax breakdown in Centra reports - more info in our next newsletter
  • Updated DHL export declaration data for xmls sync 

------------------    ACTION REQUIRED    ------------------

As these new rules affect all online retailers YOU will need to take action before July 1st in order to comply. Preparation can start right here, right now.

We recommend making these changes now so you are ready in good time. You may also want to set a reminder in your calendars for June 30th just in case.
  1. Set June 30th as end date on existing EU Tax rules
  2. Create new EU Tax rules that are configured per EU country. Remember to set July 1st as the start date of the new rule
    • For example, instead of one Tax Rule for EU, you might want to have separate tax rules for the countries where total sales VAT thresholds will be reached
    • Use this EU member state tax import file template for importing taxes correctly. Read more about how to use it in this guide
  3. A new SIE4 file will need to be added and configured
    • Remember to set this new file to inactive
    • Your existing SIE4 file should remain in use until July 1st
  4. Remove the old SIE4 file after July 1st (Set a reminder in your calendar)
Read more about the changes and who they affect here
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Updates to the Prepack feature
Prepack allows you to define a pack of specific sizes of the same product that needs to be ordered together, as a pack.

We've now built out the pre-pack feature to work seamlessly with modified size charts and reorders. Read more about how to configure Prepacks here.
SIE4 changes
SIE4 module exports data for bookkeeping softwares to import.

SIE4 changes according to the new EU tax regulations. Now you are able to divide 
tax / accounts by country and not only by region.
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Want the full product update list for Centra or Centra Showroom? 
All product updates are available for testing before being deployed to your live environment on June 14th. We value your feedback, so if you have a moment, please test them and let us know if you encounter any issues. Follow the links below.
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