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New: Buying report
We've now added a new type of report for wholesale that can be used by your purchasing department. It includes three main time periods that show available stock based on demand related to the preferred shipping date of wholesale orders, as well as ETA on incoming Supplier orders. You will be able to place more accurate supplier orders with a better overview of both your orders and upcoming deliveries in one report. For proper data, 'Preferred shipping date' on wholesale orders should be used, otherwise the report will only highlight the first time period. The report focuses on the Product size level per Supplier.
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New improved Linesheets
New improved Linesheets for Wholesale that are customizable have been added. Now you can create Linesheet templates with your preferred sort order and also have the option to show more product data.
Added additional SKU format for feeds
Product feeds (Google Merchant/Facebook) can now specify how the formatting of product SKUs should be handled. Centra has a three-level structure for SKUs, but the feeds previously only supported the ability to display the full SKU. Now, the feeds are improved to support the option of specifying how the SKUs are structured and presented.
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All product updates are available for testing before being deployed to your live environment on May 3rd. We value your feedback, so if you have a moment, please test them and let us know if you encounter any issues. Follow the links below.
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