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Sparking interest in citizen science 
The Genigma Citizen Science project has completed two co-creation workshops where participants from all parts of society collaborated with scientists to create  an application for mobile phones to explore cancer genomics patterns. Find out more about the third one coming up in March and how you can get involved. 

Tune in to our Open Science podcast!
Are you searching for a fun way to learn more about Open Science? The brand new ORION Open Science Podcast is now available. The ORION Open Science podcast series is structured around a series of interviews with interesting guests on a variety of topics related to Open Science. From data sharing to citizen science and from peer review to professional development, the podcasts will explore the good, the bad and the ugly of the current scientific system, and what Open Science practices can do to improve the way we do science.

Forthcoming activities
International course on epigenetics 13 March in France
Michela Bertero, CRG, will give a talk on the ORION Open Science project to students at the International course on epigenetics at the Institut Marie Curie in Paris.

Barcamp Open Science 18 March in Germany
Join our interactive session on Open Science at the Barcamp Open Science in Berlin. Take the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of Open Science presented by Emma Harris and Zoe Ingram from the ORION training team.

Open Science Researcher Training Workshop 21 March in France
Open Science concepts and tools have the potential to transform the current scientific system for the greater good of all, but what does it mean for you? How can you and your work benefit from the Open Science movement? The ORION training team is organsing a workshop on Open Science at the Institut Marie Curie in Paris. Find out how to host your own Open Science training workshop here.

Workshop on Open Science for researchers 24-25 March in Israel
Emma Harris will give the keynote and deliver an ORION workshop on science communication for the SignGene project in Israel. SignGene is an international exchange program for PhD students in biomedical sciences. This year's SignGene Winter School "From Macro to Micro – Technology and Disease" will take place in Nahsholim, Israel.

Genigma co-creation event 29 March in Spain
Do you want to be a genome explorer? Join the Genigma co-creation workshop in Barcelona and collaborate with scientists in developing a app to discover the genomic alterations in cancer cells. 

Why should the public be engaged in Science? 3 April in Sweden
Does the public wish to be involved in the process of scientific research? If yes – how? These questions were asked in our public survey "Public attitudes to life sciences research in six European countries" and in the German and Swedish Science Barometers plus in the Wellcome Trust Global Monitor. The results from the studies will be presented and discussed at the Forum for Science Communication in Gothenburg. 

When arts meet science 3 April in Sweden
Join our inspirational session at the Forum for Science Communication in Gothenburg, where Luiza Bengtsson, MDC Berlin and Mairéad Hurley, Science Gallery Dublin, will showcase how scientists and artists can collaborate and build bridges to engage the public in science. 

Open Science and your research workshop 8 April in Spain
What does Open Science mean for you? How can you and your work benefit from the Open Science movement? Welcome to an Open Science Workshop for researchers at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Meet the Team
Meet Dr. Katerina Ornerová, Head of Strategy and Science Department at the Central European Institute of Technology – Masaryk Universityin Brno, Czech Republic and is Work Package Leader for Analysis and Benchmarking in ORION. Read more

In short
Genigma co-creation workshops
The Genigma Citizen Science project completed two co-creation workshops where participants from all parts of society helped scientists to create a video game on cancer genomics. Find out more about the third one coming up in March and how you can get involved on the Genigma website

Training workshop on Open Science in Braunschweig Germany
The ORION training team at MDC organised a an Open Science training workshop for researchers at the Technical University Braunschweig on18 January. The interactive workshop explored the Open Science principles and how they relate to the day-to-day scientific practice.

Co-creation workshop to design the Health RRI Prize 
In January the Instituto de Salud Carlos III organised a co-creation workshop to design the forthcoming Health RRI Prize to be launched at the beginning 2020. The objective of the prize is to recognize, encourage, promote and disseminate best RRI institutional practice on life sciences developed by Research Institutions on Health.

Museum of Natural History Berlin new associated partner in ORION
The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has become an associated partner to ORION. It is a renowned institution in the areas of biodiversity and evolution research. With about 800,000 visitors per year and a collection of 30 million objects, it is one of the most important natural history museums worldwide.

Science in the City in Barcelona
Michela Bertero of CRG represented the ORION project at the Biennal Ciència i Ciutat in Barcelona in February. The initiative has a broad focus on scientific knowledge, collaboration and citizens’ involvement.

Workshop for Horizon 2020 coordinators in Madrid
The ORION project was presented by Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCII) to coordinators of the Horizon 2020 Health project proposals that had passed the first stage. ISCII particulary emphasised the importance of taking into account the RRI aspects into account in the preparation of the 2nd stage of the proposal. 

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About ORION Open Science
The EU-funded ORION Open Science project aims to explore ways in which research performing and research funding organisations in life sciences and biomedicine can open up the way they fund, organise and do research. We will embed Open Science principles in the research process and involve citizens, policy makers and researchers in co-creation experiments, public dialogues, training and citizen science. Find out more how you can get involved in the ORION Open Scienc project at our website.

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