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Who can nominate for a Nobel Prize?
In just a few weeks, a new crop of scientists, writers and peace workers will be named as Nobel Laureates 2017 and become the focus of the world's attention. Here you can see the full schedule. The announcements are the culmination of extensive work by the Nobel Committees, who must choose worthy candidates from a vast field of nominees that are submitted by numerous skilled people worldwide. It isn't until the day of each Nobel Prize announcement that the prize awarding institutions actually hold their final vote and decide who - in keeping with the vision of Alfred Nobel - have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind. But who is eligible to nominate a person for a Nobel Prize?

50 years of secrecy
There is often speculation about the Nobel Prizes, and names of candidates appear in the media. But the Nobel Committees do not announce the names of nominees, neither to the media nor to the candidates themselves. Access to information about a given year's candidates and/or nominators is not released until 50 years have passed, according to the 50-year secrecy rule. Available nominations are collected in an on-line-archive at


Mahatma Gandhi.
Nominated but not awarded
Mahatma Gandhi was never awarded the Nobel Prize. The strongest symbol of non-violence in the 20th century never received the Nobel Peace Prize despite several nominations between 1937 and 1948.

"I took a big deep breath"
On the day of each Nobel Prize announcement, a member of the Nobel committee calls the new Laureates to inform them that they have been awarded the prize. The first prize to be announced is always the Medicine Prize. Listen to 2014 Medicine Laureate John O'Keefe when he recalls what happened.

John O'Keefe.

Mairead Corrigan.
"I didn't know how to cope"
Only 32 years old, Mairead Corrigan – "an ordinary young woman" - was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the Northern Ireland Peace Movement. Here, she recalls how overwhelmed, frightened and insecure she felt in the beginning.

"I was so surprised"
"Do you think this is true?" Literature Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa asked his wife after the call from Stockholm at five in the morning.

Mario Vargas Llosa.
Monthly Quiz
New Year - New Prizes
The Nobel Prize announcements come up in October each year. When were the first Nobel Prizes awarded? Make a guess and click to submit your answer.
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