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So we meet again. Since our last “encounter”, Muraya has been working on some remarkable assignments for several renowned clients. Muraya is a company dedicated to good design and we are thrilled when our clients are satisfied with our work.  

Our Beijing office has reopened with a strong delivery on design & build projects. We are also expanding our operations to Hong Kong. Our clients’ needs drive our business and as we grow in pace with their growth, it makes perfect sense to be closer to our clients.

We are excited to design & build the upcoming Nordic Design & Innovation Week, with its grand opening on Friday October 30th. This event is the largest annual celebration of Nordic design in China and this year we are showcasing exemplary design of Nordic spaces. Scroll down to know more about this event and our work related to it.

In 1984, Muraya started in Stockholm, the heart of Sweden as a company dedicated to Scandinavian Design. As the company grew, Interior Design and Construction became Muraya’s specialty.  Read more about Muraya
Spotlight Project - SAP

If you work in real estate or in a creative industry, you certainly would have known about the recent SAP Shanghai office project. The twelve-floor building (a total of 16 000sqm) and the complexity of the project definitely intensified the competition and along with many of our design opponents, we entered a friendly “bidding war”. We took this case as an opportunity to do something new, something refreshing and surely our creative work paid off.

Our design is comprised of a unique approach of working around the office and a new way of “living” through the space. By adapting different systems of flexible work styles, combining intriguing forms and shapes, and using color schemes in both flooring and wall finishes to identify different working environments, we reached a result that is original and simply unconventional.

We are also happy to announce that we were awarded the new SAP office in Chengdu, which will be of similar style, perhaps even more eccentric. When the competition is tough, we just get more creative!

Nordic Design and Innovation Week 2015

Together with the Consulate Generals of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, we proudly present the Nordic Design and Innovation Week (NDIW) 2015. This large celebration will go on from October 30th to November 8th with seminars and workshops as well as an exhibition open to public. Muraya, as the curator, is designing and constructing the exhibition space with this year’s theme heading “Nordic Space”. The exhibition is divided into different parts; areas of focus include Nordic Office Space, Urban Space, Living Space, Digital Space and Creative Space. By bringing together the latest innovations and trends from interior design, urban planning, clean-tech and digital technology, NDIW aims to create a platform to showcase sustainable and inclusive design. The goal is to promote and spread innovations that can improve the daily lives of people.

For more information about this event, please contact jessica.wan@muraya.com or visit the official website www.ndiwshanghai.com.
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